Activities in Heidelberg

  • Cultural dance events and exhibitions (e.g. DJ Xogn in Karlstorbahnhof)
  • Seminars, presentations and movies (e.g. presentation about climate change in Africa)
  • Market booths at the Christmas market and Africa market
  • Promotion of friendship and communication among the members

Although we are very busy with the described projects at the moment, we are always looking for new activities and projects.
Project suggestions from Nouna itself are very important. We will do our best to support these projects as well as possible in order to help the people in the region sustainably.
For this purpose it is most important to expand the circle of our active members. The currently active members are struggling to get all work done and are grateful for every helping hand. Increased publicity, as well as the shift of our monthly meetings to a more convenient time and location are measures intended to activate more Friends of Nouna members. Anybody interested in our work is most cordially invited.